1. The jury will comprise of seven judging members. 
2. The Artistic Director will oversee the entire judging process.
3. Point system: jury will rate contestants from 1 to 25, with 25 being the highest in evaluation.
4. Each finalist’s points given by all the jury members will be added together and the total sum will be divided by seven to reach an average.
5. Jury members will automatically abstain from giving points to their own students who compete in the same class in which they are judging, in which case the total points given by the rest of six jury members will then be divided by six to reach an average.
6. Should a tie occur, there will be a revote. Jury will then vote with a “yes” or a “no” to determine the result. For example, if there is a tied first prize, the contestant who does not receive the majority “yes” will automatically receive the second prize, and so on and so forth.
7. The voting details will be published on the competition website and on social media.
8. The first, second and third prize winners of both the Concert Artist Class and the Young Artist Class will be invited to perform at the Award Ceremony at Victoria Hall.