Competition Rounds and Award Ceremony
After the preliminary video round, 12 competitors from the Young Artist Class will be invited to the final round held in SOTA Concert Hall, Singapore
The award ceremony will be held at the Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore
All competitors are expected to arrive by January 14, 2020.
Young Artist Class
Age 10-17 (born between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2010)
Preliminary Round
    A video (Format MP4 or AVI) to be submitted with free repertoire, but must include one virtuosic étude. Total time limit 7-8 minutes

Final Round
    A free recital program of 15-20 minutes duration to include a virtuosic étude. Pieces performed in the preliminary video may not be repeated in the final round.

First Prize: SGD5,000  + Trophy + Certificate
Second Prize: SGD3,000 + Trophy + Certificate 
Third Prize: SGD1,000 + Trophy + Certificate
Fourth Prize: Trophy + Certificate
Fifth Prize: Trophy + Certificate
Sixth Prize: Trophy + Certificate